TouchCab and TouchCab Free

I updated my ECoS to version 4.1 and now TouchCab does not work anymore.

ESU has changed many things in the protocol for this version.
To get TouchCab running again, go to the setup screen in the ECoS.
Disable warnings and enable “legacy mode”. This makes the ECoS use the old protocol.

See picture below ...


I can not connect to the Lenz 23151 Interface

Check that the interface is connected to the command station and the red LED is lit.

Make sure that all your devices are on the same network:
The 23151 interface ships with a fixed IP address of If your network is not using the same IP range, no connection can be made. You must adjust your network settings or - probably more convenient - the settings of the 23151 interface.
To change the IP settings of the 23151 interface, follow these steps:
  1. Connect the 23151 interface directly to your PC using an ethernet cable.
  2. Take a note of your current settings and change the IP address of your PC to 192.168.0.X, where X is anything but 200. The subnet mask must be
  3. Type the address in your web browser.
  4. When the interface web page shows, change the IP address of the interface to your preferred value. If there is a DHCP router on your network (typically the wireless router or a broadband router), simply enable DHCP. This will cause the interface to retrieve an IP address automatically.
  5. Save the settings in the interface.
  6. Restore your original settings in the PC. You do not need the PC for TouchCab to work.
  7. If TouchCab is running in the background of your iDevice, remove it. Double-click the home button and remove the TouchCab icon.
  8. Connect as shown on the Connecting page. Make sure that your iDevice is connected to the wireless router.
  9. When you launch TouchCab, it should find and connect to the interface automatically.

Sometimes the speed updates slowly and choppy although my network connection is perfect.

The cause of this bug is not known and it has proved difficult to fix.

Try deleting the locomotive in the command station and enter it again. Awkward solution, yes, but it works - or is known to work.

If I select a locomotive that is already being controlled by the command station, I get a message that the locomotive has been taken over. Then everything messes up and the command station must be restarted.

This is a bug in the command station software.
To work around it, do the following:

Of course, if you are using TouchCab together with a Mobile Station, now you can’t take over a locomotive from the Mobile Station.

So - what to do?
Leave the checkbox selected.

It has been observed that if you then try to take over a locomotive from the command station, you get a message saying you lost control. This is obviously wrong (and this is the bug in the command station), since you never had control in the first place. Now select a different locomotive and select the one you want again. This time you succeed.

It is not known at this time if the error recurs by some combination of Mobile Stations and TouchCabs or whatever. Unfortunately there is not much to do about it until ESU fixes the bug.

When two TouchCabs are connected to the same command station, and one TouchCab selects a locomotive that is being controlled by the other TouchCab, no alert is received.

This is a bug in the command station software. ESU has been notified.

I can’t connect to the command station. What’s wrong?

  1. Check that wi-fi is switched on in your iPhone or iPod.
  2. Make sure the command station is turned on and connected to the network.
    OK, so it sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised. One hardware engineer (who shall remain nameless) has been working on a defective hi-fi amplifier for 30 minutes, wondering why it suddenly died completely, before he realized it was turned off.
  3. Check the IP number of the command station.
  4. Check your network and cabling.

The locomotive functions do not respond. Why?

If the decoder functions are not defined in the command station for the particular locomotive, the command station does not respond to function commands at all. Check the command station manual for instructions on how to define the decoder functions.
The function may not even be present or supported in the decoder itself.

At the time of writing, there is no way that TouchCab can know if a function is supported on a given locomotive, so all function buttons in TouchCab are enabled by default.

Please consult your command station and decoder manuals and check if the function works directly from the command station.