Feature Comparison Chart

Feature Notes TouchCab TouchCab
English language x x
Dansk / Danish language x
Svensk / Swedish language x
Deutsch / German language x
Francais/ French language x
Espanol / Spanish language x
Command station info x x
Select new command station IP x x
Autoload last known IP address x x
Mail to support x
Link to TouchCab web site x x
Left/right hand cab x x
Immediate halt x
Brake and halt x x
Stop and reverse x x
Brake and reverse 1, 2 x
Brake, reverse and proceed 1, 2 x
Stop all trains x
Last used locomotives x
Locomotive functions F0 - F7 x x
Locomotive functions F8 - F28 x
Momentary functions x x
ECoS family (ECoS, ECoS 2, CS1, CS1 reloaded)
Routes x
Turnouts x
Turnouts with RailCom 1 x
Signals x
Signals with RailCom 1 x
Take over locomotive from command station or TouchCab 2 x x
Retake lost locomotive directly x x
Take over consist 3 x x
Operate single loco in consist x
Speed shown in km/h x
Speed shown in mph x
Function symbols x
Last used turnouts x
Lenz XpressNet Interface with Lenz v3.6 command stations
Add, edit and delete locomotives x x
Add, edit and delete accessories x
Multiple user-selectable configurations x
Transfer configurations between iDevices x

1) Not CS1
2) Option on command station must be unchecked
3) Not ECoS 3.0.2