Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an Android version of TouchCab any time soon?

Does TouchCab use minutes on my iPhone?
No, TouchCab uses Wi-Fi only, so your phone bill is not affected.

Do I have to use a computer to connect TouchCab to my model railroad?
No, you do not.
All you need is a wireless router connected to your command station. Please see this page for details.

What is the maximum number of TouchCabs that may be used at the same time?
It mostly depends of the command station. TCP sockets take up a lot of memory space.
The Lenz 23151 can connect up to 8 LAN users. If you need more than that, you must get one more 23151.
The ECoS has been known to have up to 20 LAN users connected, but some versions of the ECoS software has had limitations at 10.

What is the difference between TouchCab and TouchCab Free?
In the paid version, you get locomotive decoder symbols, accessory control and generally a few more bells and whistles.

My command station can do this and that function - why can’t TouchCab?

TouchCab is not a remote control for the command station. TouchCab is, well, a cab - a handheld throttle with all the fixings. TouchCab is designed to let you run trains and operate your accessories along the way. If you want to tweak the settings of the decoders, you’re much better off sitting down at your computer.

Sometimes a turnout does not respond the first time i want to throw it. What’s wrong?
If you don’t use feedback from the accessory decoder, the command station does not know the state of the turnout after a power-up or restart. Since TouchCab gets information from the command station, it does not know better. First time you throw the turnout, the command station and the turnout align, and the turnout responds correctly after that.

I have command station XYZ. Will TouchCab support this?
If it is possible to make a decent connection to the command station - yes, TouchCab may support that command station eventually.
What’s a decent connection, then?
A decent connection is ultimately one where the user should not be involved in making the connection. TouchCab runs on the iPhone, where setting up all kinds of configuration parameters to establish a simple connection is out of the question. Things should work right out of the box, and that is TouchCab’s ultimate goal.

Should I use DHCP or fixed IP address for my command station?
It depends on your needs and your setup.
I almost always recommend using DHCP, because the command station will then adapt to your network. You need a DHCP server to assign IP addresses to the command station and any other device, but that is included with most modern wireless routers. The downside is that you don’t always know the address of the command station, which can be a bit of a nuisance, but most of the time, it stays where it is.
A hybrid solution is to assign your command station a fixed IP address and instruct your DHCP server/router to hand out IP addresses in a range away from the command stations. This way, you always know where the command station is, and for all your other devices, you get the benefit of automatic address assignment from DHCP.

I am using a SoundTraxx Tsunami decoder, and the sound quits when reversing the loco. What do I do?
For whatever reason, SoundTraxx is using the emergency stop command to shut off the sound sequence. In TouchCab, go to the options page and make sure that the setting ”Brake before reversing” is enabled. With this setting, TouchCab will not send a stop command when reversing the locomotive.
There is a forum thread discussing the issue.

What is NEM 608?
NEM 608 is a standard defined my MOROP. The standard assigns various decoder functions to the decoder numbers.
Personally I don’t agree with the standard, but there it is.

Why is the protocol text (e.g. DCC28) flashing in the cab screen?
This is a network heratbeat. TouchCab sends a status command to the command station every second, and upon receiving the response, the text is flashed. If the flashing stops or becomes erratic, you have network problems.

Where are functions F8 and above?
Swipe the function buttons left and right to view the next 8 (paid version only).

How do I shut down TouchCab?
Click the round home button on the bezel of the iDevice, and TouchCab is suspended to the background (or closed on older devices). In this state, TouchCab is inactive.
Double-click the home button and you’ll see TouchCab along with other apps in the background. Swipe upwards to clear TouchCab from memory.